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"Wanderlust [seeks] to capture the fun of an old SNES-style action-RPG... Online or off, it's something worth looking at."



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Media Coverage

Here is what other sites across the web are saying about Wanderlust:

Nominations and Awards - Editor's Choice Award - TOP 100 Indie Game Released 2011 - TOP 100 Indie Game Upcoming 2010


Gaming Irresponsibly - 4/13/2012 - [9/10] "The mechanics are top notch, and the gameplay is fluid and exciting. Battles are fast paced, and happen often, so you are never stuck wondering where all the action is. The game is beautifully crafted, and the creativity to make a game from a genre whose time has long but passed, and freshen it up so well that you wonder why these games of the past seemed to die out in the first place, is something to behold. Overall, the game is a must buy for indie game lovers everywhere, and if you love top down, action RPGs that seem to have been thrown into a wayback machine, Wanderlust: Rebirth is the game for you."

Game Guide World - 4/08/2012 - [9.5/10] "Wanderlust: Rebirth is defined by its developers - an impressive 3 person team - as an online 4 player co-op retro arcade-action RPG that offers more content than most professionally-funded games. While at first glance that may seem like too many features and claims to be incorporated an indie title, I assure you: that is a very accurate definition. At its core, Wanderlust: Rebirth has an old-school appeal to it in terms of graphics. Reminiscent of RPG classics such as Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, the game combines the retro role playing adventure feel with a hint of new age features and techniques."

The Indie Game Magazine - 2/16/2012 - [8.8/10] "In addition to the range of classes you can select, the fighting system in Wanderlust: Rebirth is unique and easy to pick up. Along with the thoroughly entertaining action sequences, the writing is entertaining, and the chapters - while short in content - are enough to keep you playing right through to the end. And perhaps even into some co-op action afterwards."

IndieGraph - 1/27/2012 - "The gameplay and character progression aren't the only good things about this game though, the retro art and sound style make this game feel great. The variety of creatures, and sprites for all characters, for both male and female versions show that the developers really tried hard  to make this game the best they could...With it's great gameplay mechanics, innovative character mechanics, and great art, this game is something I recommend to all RPG fans."

True Pc Gaming - 1/20/2012 - "As an indie-developer with no prior connections to the industry, releasing a beta was essential for obtaining feedback from our fanbase. We've developed a huge game, with tons of balancing issues that couldn't possibly be addressed by our small beta group or Jason and myself, so the open beta (and the creation of a demo) was just another part of development for us rather than some business tactic. Actually, considering the help that user feedback can provide to any developer, including the man-hours saved by allowing fans to test your game for free, I see no reason why any developer would elect to not provide demo of their game!"

Rock Paper Shotgun - 1/14/2012 - "It can be played single player or co-operatively online, which is a hell of a feature set for a little game like this, and it seems to be a remarkable labour love overall... Definitely worth a look if you are inclined towards such tremendous pixel-art cuteness."

Co-optimus - 1/05/2012 - "There's enough variety between the different chapters, co-op modes, loot items, and character classes to keep things interesting. Playing with a few friends or even a couple of strangers becomes a blast because everyone's out to do the same thing: work together to beat the next big boss or clear as many waves as possible. It's not perfect, but its 16-bit retro vibe, loot-tastic rewards, and solid co-op gameplay make it a game well worth the price of admission."

- 6/1/2011 - "Simply smashing your way through a level will likely score you a 50% "score" on the level (accounting for points scored and player deaths), but if a player wants to get the satisfaction of clearing a level "100%," then a bit more finesse is required: Teamwork and timing must flow together, and I often observed my fellow players debating what strategy - who should do what, when should it be done, etc. - would best serve us in a given situation. When a plan comes together, and your group exits a challenging fight unscathed, it is a rewarding feeling." ... "While Wanderlust: Rebirth is already a fun game that allows for a really great time with friends, Team Wanderlust is still tweaking the design and flow of the gameplay as well as constantly adding new content, large and small, ranging from how entire classes play, to allowing the player to select either gender for their character. There's even rumblings of the possibility of expansions and sequels. It's the things I've mentioned here - the fun times with friends, the care put into gameplay and graphics, and the continuing support based on community feedback - that I love the gems of the Indie Game field for, and I'm glad to see this game finally enter that field after so long."

- 6/1/2011

Indiepinion - 6/1/2011 - Q: Would you work on updates and future games full-time if the revenue allows it? [BOTH]: OH HECK YEAH! [JASON]: We've already been tossing around some ideas for our next project. Additionally, if Wanderlust is popular enough, or if the support is there, we'd love to continue the Wanderlust franchise! [MATT]: As an indie developer, we have to generate income outside of our game. However, we'd love nothing more than to be able to take a break from our day-jobs and work on Wanderlust (or other titles) full-time. I can honestly say that money has never been a driving force in the development of Wanderlust, though we welcome the prospect of earning a living off of our video games!

- 5/31/2011 - "This game, made entirely on GameMaker 7, is a 4-player co-op arcade RPG and the team were voted in as a top 100 indie project for 2010 on Jason Gordy and Matthew Griffin met through the GMC and have been working together on this game for 4.5 years and must have taken a huge amount of effort and dedication! We are really proud to get behind these guys to show just what kind of quality that is possible with GameMaker :D Cracking job lads, well done, round of applause here!!"

Co-optimus - 5/28/2011 - "Let's see... Sprite-based? Check. RPG? Check. Co-Op? Oh, that's a big check. Sounds good to me!"

1up - 2009 - "A pretty ambitious little project, Wanderlust seeks not only to capture the fun of an old SNES-style action-RPG, but stick some internet multiplayer in on top of that. Online or off, it's something worth looking at."

TheGameHippo - 3/24/2009 - "Wanderlust is a great multiplayer action-RPG experience that should be experienced by all good pants-wearing people who have at least one friend and an internet connection." | home
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