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"The visuals harken back to the mid-80s, with colorful sprites, expansive environments, and larger than life enemies."



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Patch 3.06 Notes

[PATCH 3.06]

+ Added a multipurpose Announcement Window at the start of the game.
+ Added pre-chapter Tips Screen for Normal Mode : to help players improve their chapter scores.
+ Added a short-term immunity (to statuses) after they affect your character.
+ The Chapter 5 Boss can now be damaged slightly while armored (instead of invulnerable).
+ Updated some maps and upgraded the cavern tileset (seen below).
+ Added foreground (roof tiles) to indoor maps (seen below).

Patch 3.05 Notes

[PATCH 3.05]

+ Added 'Challenge' notifications
+ Players may now walk through the Final Boss while they are not attacking
+ Tweaked enemy pathfinding
+ [BUG] Final Boss Holy Resist during 'charging'
+ [BUG] 'Die Hard' Achievement
+ [BUG] Minor bugfixes

[PATCH 3.04]

+ Added 'Not enough SP' warning
+ [BUG] Addressed Die Hard Achievement

[PATCH 3.03]

+ [BUG] Fixed a few major bugs (CH2, CH7, CH9, CH10 Hard/Epic, Crawl)

[PATCH 3.02]

+ Removed ":","'","/","\" from chat filter.
+ [BUG] Beating Chapter 10 Hard/Epic Online
+ [BUG] Hosting Duplicate Games
+ [BUG] Public Games Menu

[PATCH 3.01]

+ Improved Menu scrolling
+ Removed "Show Clouds" from Visual Options Menu
+ Addressed bug in Multiplayer Menu

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