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"The game is a sincere reminder that indie games can be just as much, if not more fun than AAA titles. - [9.5/10]"



Hey! I don't understand what's going on? Why are we fighting in an Arena in Chapter 1?

Here is a link to the video of the back-story:

Is Wanderlust: Rebirth available for Mac/Linux/Other OS?

Not at this time.

Nobody is able to join my hosted games. What can I do?

1) Remember to forward your ports in your router. Port 1110 TCP must be forwarded to your local IP address. The following link is a topic on our Reflect Forum which explains the process in greater detail: link
2) Activating your local IP as a DMZ is also an option, though not recommended (unless only done temporarily).
3) We recommend using to test whether you have opened your ports correctly after you make changes to your router's settings.
4) If hosting a LAN game, have them use the JOIN BY IP option with either a blank IP or the local IP of your host computer.

Can we play Wanderlust: Rebirth LAN? Splitscreen?

You can, but you have to be connected to the internet in order to authenticate your online profiles. You will also need to "Join by IP" and leave the field blank when it asks for the IP Address.

Wanderlust: Rebirth does not support a splitscreen option.

How do I use a gamepad?

After you connect a gamepad to your computer, you may press F1 to activate the controller, or open your OPTIONS MENU (in the ESC MENU) and toggle Gamepad Active to "ON".

How do I resize the game window?

Either in the OPTIONS MENU or by hitting F11 (it used to be F12).

Can I make videos of Wanderlust and share them with other gamers?

Of course!

I get an error that a "file is not opened for reading" when starting the game.

First, be certain that you have unzipped all of the game contents and are not attempting to run the game from within a compressed folder. If this does not solve the issue, try running Wanderlust.exe "as administrator".

The game does not update the server list or has difficulties connecting to Reflect.

This is due to anti-virus or other firewall settings that limit executables from accessing the internet. Wanderlust: Rebirth uses TCP/IP and HTTP protocols to provide a number of online features to its players, so in order to take full advantage of the game, you will need to set Wanderlust.exe, start.exe, and 39dll.dll as exceptions to these limitations in the settings of your A/V or Firewall program.

I get strange graphics in the chat area.

Update video drivers. If unable to update drivers, toggle "Video Memory Chat" OFF in "Visual Options"

I lost my profile, and my new profile does not have my old character in the list of characters I may choose from. Can I get them back?

In order to use your old characters, you will need to:

1) Move your character files to a temporary location (outside of the "Characters" folder with your Wanderlust files
2) New characters with the same name as your old characters on your new profile
3) Shut down the game and copy your old character files back into the Characters folder, overwriting the new ones you just created
4) Restart the game

Where are the secret bosses?

That is a secret!

Will there ever be 'trading' in Wanderlust: Rebirth?

We currently have no plans to add trading into the game for a number of reasons:
1) It would be too easy to duplicate items since characters are stored locally.
2) It would be too easy to become strong (through hand-me-downs) and we want players to earn their strength.
3) Players would create characters simply to store their items.
4) Players would create games just to trade items instead of play the game.
5) Players would spam the global chat channel with trade requests.
6) Most importantly, the earned aquisition of wealth and power is an essential driving force in the game; to add trading would undermine this and completely change the feel of the game.

Will I receive a Steam version of Wanderlust if I got the game from somewhere else?

More details on this coming soon.

If my friend has the Steam version, and I got Wanderlust from another platform, can I still play with him?

No, this was recently removed to allow for non-portforwarding hosting of games.

"Unexpected Error" on load.

1) Restart Steam after installation
2) Restart Computer after installation
3) Download .Net Framework 2.0 or 4.0 Update
4) Download MS Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Pack

My game does not recognize that I have purchased the full version.

See solutions for previous question.

Game exhibits strange behavior, loss of control during gameplay, crashes or does not start up.

1) Run Steam "as administrator"
2) Close other programs that use video or audio (internet browsers, etc)
3) Update video or sound drivers if possible
4) If you are running Windows 8, go to Audio Options and toggle "Smart Sound" ON and "Death/Loot Sounds" OFF
5) If you are running Windows 7, make sure you have a Default Printer set.

Game runs at a low framerate but I have a good computer.

1) Run Steam 'as administrator'
2) If you have connected a gamepad to play the game, keep it connected during play
3) Known issue with Razer peripherals (possibly registering with GM as joysticks)

I am unable to find servers or my hosted game does not appear on the list.

This is a known issue with 'special characters' in Steam user Nicknames. Try removing strange characters from your nickname and restarting Wanderlust.

My character or profile has become 'decrypted'. It will not load.

There should be a backup folder in your local file locations. If a backup is not there or does not function properly, please send your character file to us and we will re-encrypt the file for you. We apologize for the inconvenience!

I have a question not listed here in the F.A.Q.! What do I do?

Try asking your question at our forums at Our users there are very helpful, and we often visit the forums to answer questions: | home
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